The concept of dependency, gained new meanings over time with the development and change of the software industry. In this article, we will examine the concept of dependency and effects in microservices architecture.

Communication is one of the important topics in microservices architecture. Designing communications between microservices is consist on separating concerns. How an api(service) communicates with another system or api depends on the threads it is responsible for. It should establish a synchronous communication if it needs to process data on the fly or if it needs to receive an instant response from another system. …

Anyone interested in cloud native, software architecture or who hurted from monolithic applications knows that the best solution of escaping monolith hell is microservice architecture. As Fred Brooks says, of course there is “No Silver Bullet” for software. But as many of us who had worked with monoliths know that monoliths have many problems for big software projects enough to be a hell. The truth, we cannot deny is that microservices can solve most problems caused by monolithic arch. If you decided to apply microservices architecture for your project, you have to be very careful and produce some constraints better…

“Any organization that designs a system (defined broadly) will produce a design whose structure is a copy of the organization’s communication structure.”
— Melvin E. Conway

As Melvin Edward Conway says, every reaction, culture and communication of the team is reflected on the product. Trunk Based Development and Gitflow are not just a method that is answer of “how to keep source code via Version Control System(VCS)” question. They are company/team culture and development approaches. In this article, we will examine these approaches from the continuous delivery aspect.

In software industry, continuous delivery has always had a very important place…

Hi, In this post I will try to explain load balancing in microservices architecture. In which cases load balancing should be use and what are the load balancing types.

You may have chosen microservices architecture for many reasons, especially to take advantage of cloud technologies’ features. Microservices architecture provides many advantages like distributed loosely coupled services, business or domain oriented development and agility for continuous delivery etc.
Everything is looking good at this point, if all services working on one instance in your microservices environment.

What about when you need to scale couple of services for handle more requests. Which…

Hi, in this article I will try to explain how to build an acceptance test with gauge and spring boot. Acceptance test is last step of Technology-related Testing in Test Pyramid.

In development lifecycle, tests should be considered as part of the software development process and as developers we have to be very careful to be test-oriented developers. We should implement all steps of test pyramid. We direct the behavior, implementation and output of a product with tests. Every code, every scenario starts with a test.

I will give other information in a short and summary form to quickly enter…

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Cloud Native Technologist

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